Firefighters save Long Lake home
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Firefighters save Long Lake home

Aug 18, 2023

Aug 6, 2023

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ALPENA — It took six fire departments to extinguish a large fire on Long Lake Road on Saturday and, although three structures on the property were destroyed, firefighters’ hard work helped a house to be spared.

Nobody was hurt in the fire and its cause is unknown at this time. A state fire investigator and local fire officials are expected to learn more about the incident in the coming days, Alpena Township Fire Chief Mark Hansen said.

Hansen said the fire at 7483 Long Lake Road was reported shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday. When his crews arrived, the structure, which consisted of three garages under one large roof, was fully engulfed in flames.

Backup was quickly called in because of the size of the blaze and the immediate threat to the house.

“There were three garage-type structures all under one roof that are pretty much complete losses now,” Hansen said. “When the department got on scene, the siding on the home was already starting to melt, but everyone was able to save it.”

Hansen said besides the Alpena Township department, the Alpena, Maple Ridge, Presque Isle, and East Grand Lake fire departments were summoned for help.

Presque Isle County 911 confirmed that Posen Area Fire and Rescue was also on the scene. Hansen said the Michigan State Police was on the scene for traffic control and other support and the Salvation Army was there to offer assistance to the firefighting crews.

Alpena County Emergency Services Coordinator Kim Elkie also was on scene, Hansen said.

Having so many people on scene fighting the fire and controlling traffic can be chaotic, Hansen said, but he added that everyone worked lock step with one another, and, because of that, the house was saved, and the fire didn’t spread further.

“The teams worked together like a well-oiled machine,” he said. “It helps when you have partners that you train together with and work together with. It is important that we keep these relationships close. Overall, it was a well-coordinated effort.”

A portion of Long Lake Road was closed by police during the fire, which caused motorists to take alternate routes to their destinations and Hansen said the plumes of smoke could be seen from miles away.

Some boaters and residents on Long Lake posted pictures on social media showing the smoke plume towering hundreds of feet high in the air against the blue sky.

“It was a big one,” Hansen said. “I can’t praise everyone enough for the work they did and for saving the house.”

It is the second structure fire in Alpena in less than a week.

On Thursday, the Alpena Fire Department battled a fire on Sable Street at Speedy Blaze — a business that manufactures and packages wood products for pellet burning type stoves and other types of wood heating needs.

Fire officials and city officials are expected to inspect the structure of the fire on Monday to learn more about the incident, Alpena Fire Chief Rob Edmonds said on Friday.

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